Calendar sync trouble

New user here. Trying to find an alternative to the Microsoft Outlook calendar. I have a Hotmail/Outlook calendar that I sync with the standard calendar app on my Android phone using Exchange, and what I’m looking for is a decent desktop calendar to add to the mix.

Em Client looked absolutelt perfect – until I realized the sync wasn’t really working. Especially when editing calendar posts, things tend to disappear (not only the edited posts, but also other stuff from those days). Haven’t really managed to figure out any logic in it, but one problem in the initial sync was that some (!) “whole day” posts in my initial calendar turned out as two-day events in my Em calendar. Also, re-current events tend to become one-time events. A bit frustrating.

I’m, obviously, not an expert in these things, so would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

Chances are the ‘2-day’ issue is down to time zones. EmClient calendar is actually significantly better than M$ offering; they all have issues (meaning ‘never display’) some recurrence definitions. EmClient (and Thunderbird/Lightning) both display ever definition I’ve ever had cause to define without a problem. In fact, they are the ONLY clients I’ve never had a problem with - including IOS (iPhone) calendar. The only other ‘client’ that works correctly is the Gmail (web) interface.
And I’ve not had a problem with sync. Try setting up the calendar separate from the email side of things. You can still define the calendar to work with the email settings.

What do you mean by time zones? What can I do to fix it?

Doesn’t sound too encouraging, then. I don’t care what programme I use, would love to use EM, Thunderbird, Lightning or whatever – as longs as I can get it working. Setting up a separate calendar account seems like a hassle. Just think Microsoft charges ridiculous amounts for their products.

If one app is working on (eg) UTC (GMT) and one on UTC+1 (GMT+1), then for an all day event, it can show up as spanning 2 days depending on where it was first defined.
I’ve found the simplest fix is to edit the event in EmClient back to the required day (or define it in the app to begin with) and it then shows up correctly.

You don’t set up a separate calendar account; you just define separate email and calendar connection in EmClient - they both point to the same Microsoft account, but have their own connection.

Part of the problem is that M$ depreciated Exchange connections in favour of Outlook connections; EmClient was changed to match. If the server you’re talking to is a MICROSOFT server, then I believe they only now support the Outlook connector; other ISPs that support ActiveSync (has also been called Exchange at times), use the Exchange option - sort of. There is a fix that I submitted (not sure it was ever implemented), but the simplest global fix is to connect to email, calendar and contacts using separate connections rather than risk the combined options.

FWIW, I’ve dumped all M$ email applications in favour of EmClient, and occasionally (very!) use of Thunderbird - and only then for sending large files (using the Box addon) via a file sharing site … something that’s not built-in to EmClient.

I have been using my Outlook calendar and mail and contacts with em client for years, with only one account and without any of the problems you describe. The only difficulty is with setting up the account. You have to dismiss the automatic setup and go to “mail”, then to “exchange”. Then you enter your email address,  user name and password. Here it is very important that your user name is exactly the same as your email address - it is best to copy and paste. On clicking next, go into town and enjoy a movie, since eM Client will take hours to finish up your outlook account, but it will happen.