Calendar sync problems

When I accept an an email invitation, the eM calendar updates immediately.  But the information doesn’t always properly sync with my iphone, or with my gmail calendar.  Here’s were it gets odd.  It syncs with my Google calendar app on the iphone, not on the native iphone calendar and not on the google calendar I access directly from my computer.  Seems very odd!  I am using the most current version of eM Client 7.2.35595.0  Its very frustrating!  I also have experience the iphone calendar not syncing properly in the recent past.  I have not changed any of my settings.   In account settings, I have the calendar configured as a Google Calendar.  Any help would be appreciated!!

I would think that as eM Client is syncing the event with the Google Calendar viewed on your iPhone app, then it is working as it should.

Is it possible that the other calendars are on different accounts?

No - they are all the same calendar.  I did make one change in gmail, so now the entries are showing in the web Google calendar.  The setting I changed is:   Default guest permissions

           Automatically add invitations

              Yes, but don’t send event notifications unless I have responded “Yes” or “Maybe”

          If you select No, you won’t see an event on your calendar unless you’ve responded “yes” to it.            If you’ve shared your calendar with others, they’ll still be able to see all the events even if you              haven’t responded yet.

They still aren’t showing up on the iphone calendar.

Update - I went into the meetings that were not appearing on my iphone calendar and I modified something in eM calendar - like the address or a note.  That seems to have forced the syncs to go thru.  But it is more than a little frustrating to have some go thru and others not.  I feel like I have to check each time I accept a meeting invitation to be sure it synced thru correctly to my iphone.