Calendar showing up twice using CalDav w/SmarterMail

Have EM Client running with IMAP connection to SmartMail 16x. Second account is to connect Calendar/Contacts via CalDav. I didn’t know I could just create one entry that would handle both Contacts and Calendar so I made two. Once I realized I only needed one, I deleted the second. But now I’m showing two calendars and the Agenda shows double entries. I’m showing two calendars and cannot delete the duplicate

Did you actually delete the second account?  It still shows in your screenshot, but I’m not sure if that is your “before” situation.  There are a couple things you can do if you did delete that account and you’re still getting dups:

1.  Since this is a IMAP account, you can simply delete your mail account, and reenter the account.  It will sync again as soon as you do, so no lost data, or

2.  You can uncheck the duplicate account in your calendar and it will no longer display.  On the agenda, click the settings button next to the agenda header and select “Choose folders”.  You can then deselect the duplicates.

The first account is IMAP so that doesn’t sync anything but email. Second one is the CalDav account. There was a third (which caused this issue). I deleted that, but the duplicates remained. I’ve since deleted all accounts, still comes back. Then I uninstalled the software and reinstalled… it all came back :-(       I know how to hide it but it’s a bandaid. Was trying to eval this software (which is VERY NICE) for potential use by our customers and wanted to get a handle on it.

Is there a way to clean this up? When I uninstalled the software the config must have remained somewhere because after reinstall, it all came back.

Uninstalling eM Client does not delete the database, as a result, the data will still be there when you reinstall it.  To get a fresh database, you do not need to uninstall eM Client, but do this:

1   Close eM Client
2. The database resides in c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.  Delete this (or rename) this directory [note-- this is a hidden directory, so make sure you have “View hidden files” checked in windows explorer on the view tab).
3.  Restart eM Client and you will have a fresh database.

Jay, thank you for this suggestion. I did delete that folder and it did go through the set up again. But it didn’t resolve the problem. I totally thought it would but just like before, duplicate Calendar.
So while I’m able to mostly hide the second (duplicate) calendar… it does rear it’s head in cases like when the popup window is reminding me of an event, it shows twice.

Maybe there’s a registry entry somewhere?

This may be an incorrect url for your CalDAV.

Did you see the SmarterMail instructions for eM Client?

Yep. Followed those instructions exactly. My mistake was I created the account twice (thinking I needed one for Cal and one for Address book). Ever since, I can’t get rid of that duplicate calendar. Weird.

When you right-click on the calendars in eM Client, do they have different server locations listed under properties?

When you view the calendar through the web interface for your account, is there a duplicate?