Calendar scheduling info, Gmail


We are several others under the same gmail domain (not and we cannot get the scheduler to work with EM client of some reason.

Sample of current schedule


  1. Create an event
  2. Click scheduling tab
  3. Invite other people under the same domain
  4. No information about availability is shown, not even my own :frowning: 

Is there any configuration that I am missing?
It seems weird since EM client can pull all my calendars from Gmail, why can’t it show them in the scheduler?

Best regards,

Hi Arvid,
could you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on GData logs for the affected account?
Restart eM Client and replicate this issue and if the scheduling bug is there again, go to Advanced settings again and send the logs to with a link to this forum topic in the body of the message.

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