Calendar reminders showing events from other people calendars (shared) and from the past

Hi guys,

we using the O365 integration. (EWS)
Windows Client 9.2.2093

As usual in any business environment some people shared their calendar with me and I can show/hide them.

The problem:

Several reminders for meeting of these other persons are showing up for me and I cannot even dismiss them. The windows pops just right up again.

Double Clicking shows that the event was already “deleted”. Which is was not. I was never mine to be shown as.

This happens only for these events from “other peoples” shared calendars.

To disable reminders from a specific calendar, right-click on that calendar folder and choose Properties. Then untick the Show Reminders option.

To disable reminders for past events (default in 9.2), go to Menu > Settings > General > Reminders, and tick the option to automatically dismiss reminders for past calendar events.

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