Calendar reminders repeat randomly.

I think this has only started to happen in the last few months, and I can’t find a similar report by searching. 


  1. Calendar reminder comes up (flawlessly, and on time, perfect sync on all calendars). 

  2. Do nothing with reminder other than to look at reminder window (no dismissing, no snoozing, no opening of event).

  3. Randomly, I mean I can find no pattern at all…“Bong” reminder sound goes off again, and reminder window again blinks for attention…for the same reminder. This pattern will continue until reminder is dismissed. 

I can’t find any Settings to alter this, or ask for it to occur in the first place, and since it’s random, happening at unpredictable intervals, I don’t think it’s a feature, even though I’ve seen it requested. 

Version 6.0.21040.0
Win 7 64 bit
Google Calendar sync

Hi, unfortunately I was not able to replicate the issue, can you please specify your steps to replicate it?
If you set a reminder for a calendar event or task, when the reminder is shown and focus changed to another window you should not be reminded again, the window should just be shown behind all your windows unless you reopen it.

Also try to install this update and check if the issue persists.

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I’m not surprised. I imagine it’s some registry flag that got mangled somewhere. 

The steps to replicate are already outlined, there’s nothing more to it. 

“…you should not be reminded again” Oh, I agree, thus my consternation. It can happen at any interval, sometimes just a couple minutes, up to a few hours. 

I opened this to see if others are having the issue, if not, local random noise in the system, remove account, uninstall, re-install, try again.  If many come and say +1, then we’ll know if there is a larger impact, and continue down the isolate and identify path.  

In the meantime, I installed the update (thank you), and will keep an eye on it. 

I am seeing this as well.  The problem I am seeing is that my reminders are coming hours late after the actual event time.  It is quite random.  It has nothing to do with wrong time zone. I will try the update.

I am running 6.0.21040.0 on Windows 8.1 (64-bit).

Hi Joyo, what mail service are you using with eM Client? Are you having issues with calendar or task reminders?

Thank you,

Gmail.  Event (calendar) reminders.  I am going to test and watch a few near events closely to make sure I am not seeing things.

It has passed 8:15am and my 8:30am event with 15min reminder has not popped up still…

It is 8:30am now.  No reminder still.

Eventually it shows up but it is already 5 minute overdue.  :frowning:

Hi Joyo, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Can you please make sure it’s the latest available version and if the issue persists, please navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced, and turn on GData logging for the problematic account.

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    If the issue reoccurs, please go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send logs” and send the logs to my email with a reference link to this forum topic.

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As a follow-up after update to v6.0.21151.0 and a few days of observation, no change. Random reminder recurrences still present.  

I have applied the update as well.  I enabled the logging and have been examining the log to debug myself.  What I have discovered is as follows:

  1. the timeliness of the reminder hitting the mark depends a bit on how frequent you sync with your calendar server, in my case it is Google Calendar
  2. I changed mine from 10 minutes (default) to 2 minutes; actually it shouldn’t hurt if you set it to 1 minute (you are not trying to conserve anything anyway – you are not on a mobile smartphone)
  3. I also made sure it syncs at startup (I assume also at wakeup)
  4. The late reminders (perception) have then disappeared
  5. These late reminders were actually for events that have passed but my laptop was in sleep mode so the reminders couldn’t appear
  6. When my laptop was awaken, it used to wait for 10 minutes before all these reminders pop up thus giving me the perception of lateness and randomness
  7. Now that I have changed the sync frequency, as soon as I wake up my laptop, the reminders are popping up immediately thus I don’t perceive them as late or random anymore

Not sure if this helps or is a correct diagnosis; however, I will keep watching to confirm this further.

Thank you for the update regarding this issue, please let me know if you have any further questions or issues with this setup.


Hi, could you comment on the application’s behavior based on Joyo’s observations? Would you consider the application’s behavior similar or do you feel like you’re experiencing another issue?

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