calendar reminders overwrite yet updated event entries on server before synchronizing from server

Hello dear Forum,

when system starts or reawakens from hibernation eM Client V7 pops up with calendar reminders.
This always seemed helpful, but now I suspect that it causes the following problem:

If I did any modifactions on a calender entry, e.g. on my iphone and thus on the server, those modifications will be overwritten due to the behavior of calendar entries with corresponding popup reminder open - instead of downloading the newer entries from the server eM client uploads the old entries (those with notification popup windows) without asking back.

Same problem when I dismiss reminders or escape to snooze - then again calendar entries on the server seem to be modified regardless, if I made changes to them from another device in the meantime.
Now imagine what happens if You switch on eM client on a machine that You didn’t run for a week/month/several month and made changes to a bigger number of entries using other devices …

How can I prevent eM from popping up reminders/uploading to the server before downloading new entries?
Not setting reminder alerts in the single calendar entries is not my prefered solution because then I also don’t get notifications on my phone.
Or if not possible - is there any chance to hide/dismiss reminders without having eM client writing any changes to the calendar entries?
Do I have to check or uncheck the “synchronise on program startup” checkbox in preferences->general?
Or, lastly: how do I recall the default behaviour (is it?) to ask me before overwriting anything?

Thank You very much for any hint!

accessing a caldav account on owncloud.

  1. eM client v7.0.27943.0 on Win XP SP3 and
  2. another one on Win7 w/ SP
  3. default calendar app on iOS7

Hello Stefan,

there is only workaround for your situation, switch to main window and reminder notifications should stay on the background without interfering with other operations.
Sync is set automatically so this is expected behavior when you snooze the event.

Hallo Anthony,

thanks for your reply.
Although, in my opinion, it would be great to be able to override this default behavior of eMClient, I am now somewhat unburdened since I do not have to look anymore for hidden options that simply do not exist.

Thanks again and best regards