Calendar reminders don't allow to dismiss or snooze individual reminders (only dismiss/snooze all"

When reminders popup I only get the option to dismiss all or snooze all - no option to dismiss or snooze individual reminders.
emclient 7.0.26687.0
windows 10
connecting to google calendar

The individual controls are there, just a bit difficult to see…

thanks Jay, much appreciated.

It would be more appreciated if it were more OBVIOUS!

Actually, the previous versions of eM Client had the individual Dismiss button placed next to Dismiss All. It was easy, convenient, and similar to Outlook. Now the UI looks better but the usability got worse. It’s hard to identify Dismiss function by a little icon. Also, the snooze time is configured in one control for all items, but individual snooze icon is at another level. Anyway, that’s an example of a change that wasn’t needed. Would be great if you revert it back but that would mean wasted effort by someone so I don’t hold my breath :wink:

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