Calendar reminder doesn't work.

I have my calendar event set to do reminder “At Start”. Event happens and I get a window that is hidden in my taskbar, but no sound. The window shows the alarm bell with a line through it. If I hit snooze, 5 minutes later the event notification makes the sound.

This is to remind me to take important medicine. If this doesn’t work it’s a deal breaker and I can’t use this software. I love the email part, but need the calendar notifications to work.

Hello Bob,

Thank you for reporting the issue, this is indeed a mistake on our side. We understand that this is crucial for you and we’ll of course look into it. For now, you could use the 10 minute reminder for events or 5 minute reminder if you add this action as a Task.

With apologies,

I deleted the events and recreated them. That seemed to fix the problem

Well that worked for 1 day. Then it didn’t. I changed it to a 5 minute reminder yesterday. Today, got no reminder. So I have no idea

I am having this exact problem too. Like you this is a deal breaker for me. If the reminder sounds not going to work there is simply no point in me switching to this program. Which is a pity as I like some of its features.

I tried 2 other programs and even gmail in a browser and for some reason I get pop up windows but no sound now.  Spent the whole night working on this, but it looks like it is not a eM issue, at least on my system.

I’ve just retested other programs I have with alarms and they all work. It’s just the em client on my system for some reason. Wierdly though if you snooze the alarm the sound occurs every single time.

Yes and I can confirm still not working…

So the solution was to install the latest version which support sent me. Version 7.1.31658.
This contained a bug-fix for this issue.
They say it will be released to the public soon.