Calendar...recurring appointments...last day of the month option???

Calendar…why can’t I choose a recurring event for the last day of the month?! Really?! Can only choose recurrence by a date number? Not all months have the same number of days, duh

Hi, I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the options available, you can add a recurrence for example for last friday of the month though.
But thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature to future releases.

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Any follow up on this topic???  Everybody (probably) has a recurring appointment on the last-day-of-the-month…

I agree, this is important.  I just tried to set up a recurring appointment for the last day of the month and couldn’t figure out why my appt didn’t set for November.  My work around was to set it for the first of the month, and set a reminder for the day before.  

There are many of us that have to do monthly billings or reporting at the End of Month.

Hi Barbara,
thank you for your input on why this option is important to add, please make sure to click the “me too” button on this idea, as we go through the ideas on the forum periodically and look for the features our users miss the most and try to implement them in future releases.

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Hey Olivia,
There is no “Me too” button.  I guess because the idea is already under consideration??  I did “Like” it if that helps"

Oh, right, it used to be called “Me too” but it seems it was renamed to a “Like” :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion.

I agree with this. As well as having Monday to Sunday, add the option of ‘Day’. So the overall options would be recurring ‘X’ Months, ‘First’ or ‘Last’ ‘Day’ of month. In the UK, VAT quarters end on the last day of a quarter (3 months) and this would be most useful

4 years later and this still isn’t resolved! I’m trying to set up invoice reminders for the last day of the month but where a month has less than 31 days, there’s no reminder. Is this ever going to be sorted?

Hi David. 

What I did is setup my payment event for the first day of the month, with the reminder set to one day. So I always get the reminder on the last day of the preceding month. Not ideal because in Agenda it still shows as being on the 1st, but workable for me. 

There is another option: you can export the event to an ics file and edit the rrule tag to -1. So RRULE:FREQ=MONTHLY;BYMONTHDAY=-1. That will put the event on the last day of the month regardless of the number of days. Then import it back into eM Client.