Calendar Printing Problems

Am attempting to print calendars from the “Month View” and there are several issues:

  1. Can’t print February with out setting “Print Range” to “Use calendar range.”
  2. Appear to be able to only print one month at a time.
  3. Page setup does not retain the margin settings.
  4. Print settings configured in File > Print Preview do not carry over to the Print button.  For example I have set default to landscape but the print button yields portrait with larger margins than print preview shows.

I am using:
Windows 8.1 Pro
eM Client 6.0.21040.0 (paid version)
IE 11 (auto updated)

I have just reset IE to defaults as it eM appears to use Window print settings and this had no effect.

Hi, can you please try to update your eM Client to this release and check if the issue persists, ?

Thank you,

Updating to fixed #1.  The other issues are still present.

Hi again, unfortunately as no year view is available you can only print out a selected month or selected period by selecting days in the small calendar, displayed in the left pane.

Print settings also have to be adjusted in your system settings based for a selected printer, eM client does not retain a default print setting.

As to the margin settings issue, can you please make a screenshot of the issue, I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to.

Thank you,

Prints attached.  Settings from “print preview” do not carry over to “print.”  Results have different orientation and margins.

This renders the print button essentially useless since month views have to be printed one page at a time.

The OTHER issue with printing that is not mentioned above is that the print output does not appear to scale properly.  Check out the day heading.  On both print preview and print the days of the week are cut off.

Hi again, as I previously mentioned, if you use the File > Print option or the print button from toolbar, settings from Print preview are not supposed to be carried from the print preview feature.

Print’s settings are based on the printer’s default settings - you can adjust your printer settings in Printers setting on Windows.

If you’re using the print preview option and have calendar displayed in landscape mode, after using the print button in print preview.

Thank you,

Would like to offer a customer comment in response.  I am accustomed to far better control over print output in paid software.  Some of us still use paper in our home and work environments.

Hi, I’m sorry these current eM Client settings are not up to your preferences, we’ll consider improving this for future releases. However please note this is a system setting, printing defaults are setup based on your system preferences.


So, here I am, three years later, and nothing has improved on print settings and controls.  Printing a user-defined calendar range is NOT based on system preferences.  That’s a software issue for eM to fix.  And boy, would I like to see it fixed!

How can I get a calendar print of the selected weeks only? I select 3 weeks but 5 are always printed.