Calendar Printing in Color

I have just started playing wth eM to assess for my personal needs and added my Gmail acct.
I have my GMail calendars (multiple) set up with “Calendar Colors”. I assigned each event under one of those colors. My calendar has a week full of multiple colored events and yet when I print it out - it its black & White??? Why is this? My printer is set to print in color.

One other thing - I have always printed my weekly calendar out and eM always wants to print it out in Portrait Mode - I have to remember to go  into the settings and select Landscape - can’t it keep my preference? I would think the default should be Landscape for readability. 

Thanks for your help,

“Calendar Colors” are recognized in Google Calendar - eM’s “Categories” are NOT…

Hi Jayme, eM client’s categories are not synchronized with your gmail account. To use your calendar colors, you have to use the different calendar folder (each assigned with a different color) and add your events to the appropriate calendar folder. Not completely sure what is the issue while printing, are you using “Print preview” while printing out your calendars?
Can you please make a screenshot of the Print preview for your calendars?

What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,