Calendar print issues - version 9.2.2157

I am away for a weeks vacation (part of a group), with multiple activities planned for each day. All events are in my calendar. I would like a print version of the week (full page print for each day), I encounter the following issues:

  1. when in month view (events cross multiple calendar weeks), and right click, the only 4 choices are new event, new all day event, today & go to date. Nothing about printing.

  2. If I go to the menu → print route, and select print (print selection is not listed there), I get the following issues:

2a. print preview shows a whole month. (need to manually change to print style → month view → day view.

2b. when the preview shows a daily view, the number of pages is 1, the first date I selected, but not the rest of the dates.

I see no way of getting it to remember the print preferences (portrait, day view), so to print a book of 12 days, I have to manually pick each date, change it to portrait, change it to day view, then print. 12 times.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? Is it recent, or been there since day 1?

Thanks !!!