Calendar - Prefer Client-Side Email scheduling Option

I’m switching from Thunderbird to eM Client … everything is fine and I’m happy with the new UI and features. However, it could be great to have an additional option re the calendar properties. In Thunderbird its name is “Prefer Client-Side Email scheduling”. I like this option because my customers receive an invite (RSVP) from my professional email address and not the one from my provider.
Perhaps I miss something and this feature exits already but didn’t find it.



PS : sorry for my English … I’m French.

It really depends on what calendar you save the event to. If it is your Local Folder calendar, eM Client will send the invitation from your default email account. For most synced calendars, it will be the calendar server that sends the invitation and it will be sent from your address associated with that calendar.

If you want the invite to come from your business address, create the event in a calendar that uses that address.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for your prompt reply and info provided.
well noticed.
Actually, it’s a synced calendar (Caldav protocol)

In most instances the CalDAV server will send the invite. It should also be sent from your email address registered for that calendar.

Hello Gary,
Just for information, the difference between with Client-side Email scheduling option and without
(invites sent with Thunderbird)

Personally, I prefer the with Client-side because the content of the invite is focused on my own email and no info about my provider.

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