Calendar Organizer Not Receiving E-mails

I am not getting responses when invitees reply to calendar invitations. I should be getting an e-mail back, but I am not receiving anything, even when I send a test invitation to myself. Is there a way to check/set the e-mail to which the confirmations are being sent?

So this is the same question you asked in your other post.

The address to which the confirmation is sent is the email address of the calendar in which the event is created.

It is the same, but I cannot seem to resolve it. I thought I would ask slightly differently!

I have checked the email from which the calendar was sent. It is an iCloud address. The recipient gets the invitation, but when they accept, nothing is sent back to me.

When I try sending from the local calendar, the invitee doesn’t get any e-mail at all. 

Any ideas?

Send me a calendar invite, and let’s see what happens.

I just did. Let me know if and when you receive it.