Calendar option to delete following events in series as of X date, without changing previous ones

Google Calendar provides a menu option on each instance of a recurring
calendar event to “delete all following”, which removes the event you selected and all subsequent instances, but not the older ones. Useful where I didn’t know the end date of a recurring activity when it started, so had to create a series that never ends, but I find out the end date later.

At the moment I can only do this in eM Client by editing the end date in the series properties, which also reverts any changes I made to the previous events. For example, if one of the previous events was cancelled or the time changed, I’d lose that information.

Would you consider adopting the Google approach to this please?

Hi Chris,
we made some changes to how we treat the recurring events in version 7, including the option to change only future occurrences of the series, which I think will solve your issue.

Best regards,