Calendar number of days or years from a date

Is there a way to calculate the number of days or years from a given date? For example can you enter a person’s birth year and have it calculate how old they will be on a specific birthday?

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Hi Maureen…

As far as I’m aware no, however, you can jump to a particular date by:
In Month View -> Right Click on any date -> Go to date…

To count the number of days from date ‘A’ to date ‘B’ -> Google it.!!

I don’t understand the final part of your question because if you know
a person’s birth year (say 2020) and you want to know how old they
will be on a specific birthday (say in 2050) a simple subtraction will do.

In this I presume you are using the Gregorian calendar unless you are a
member of an Eastern Orthodox church which uses the Julian calendar
to establish the dates of movable feasts such as Easter. The current
discrepancy between the Julian and Gregorian calendars is 13 days.
However, the difference will become 14 days in 2100.
They also calculate leap years and display differently.
E.G. today is 19 September 2020 - Gregorian & 20263 - Julian

So just stick to simple addition & subtraction.

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Hi Russ,
Thank you for your reply. I realise that I can just subtract one from the other but I used to use Active Desktop Calendar by Xemi Computers and it had a function where you could enter a birthdate as a formula after the name and it would automatically calculate the age for you and show it in the calendar. Unfortunately ADC won’t run on my new computer (I suspect it’s something to do with the security settings seeing as it runs on my husband’s new computer) and with the demise of Incredimail I transferred to eM Client as an alternative.

It also had a function to calculate a countdown of days to a given date - for example if you entered something like your holidays it would calculate the numbers of days until the event started.

I know it’s not essential but it was nice and seeing as this program has so many other functions that I haven’t yet explored (I’ve only just entered all my pertinent dates including birthdays, anniversaries etc) so I thought I’d ask.

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Hi Maureen…

Thanks for your reply.
I’m sorry to hear you have a problem running ADC, I agree it’s a great
program, I have it on 4 computers on a network, new and old all running
Windows 10 Pro X64 so I have no idea what possible security settings
could be stopping it. Do you get any error messages when trying?

You’ll recognise this:

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My computer (now 12 months old is running Windows 1064 bit in S mode, although I have disabled it. ADC loaded fine but when you go to run it nothing happens - no error code, just nothing there. I used ADC for about 10 years on various machines, this is the on,y one I’ve had problems with. Hubby has just bought a new computer (without S mode) and was able to download latest version 2 days ago without any problems. If you have any suggestions 8’d love to hear them as I still have my ADC backup with all my data files.

Maureen, I think hubby should buy you a new computer :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:smile: Nah, I’m pretty happy with my All-in-One, plus getting the iPad Pro 2020 and Apple Pencil, hopefully arriving Monday.

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Hi Marreen…

You’ve just told me the problem you have, it’s because you’re running ‘S’ mode.
In this mode you can only run software/apps that are available from MS Store.

Here’s what to do, there is no charge to do this;

In Windows 10 ‘S’ mode, open Settings -> Update & Security -> Activation.

In the Switch to Windows 10 Home or Switch to Windows 10 Pro section, select Go to the Store.
[If you also see an “Upgrade your edition of Windows” section,
be careful NOT to click the “Go to the Store” link that appears there.]

At the Switch out of ‘S’ mode [or similar - wording is sometimes different] page in the Microsoft Store,
select the GET button.
You should shortly see a confirmation message on the page!

Once you’ve done all this before you do anything else do this:

Open Command Prompt in Admin mode:

Copy & Paste and run: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

then when the above has finished:

Copy & Paste and run: sfc /scannow

They are both Microsoft utilities that can check/repair your system.
Missing or corrupt files will be replaced - could be the reason ADC won’t run.
You must be connected to the internet when carrying out these procedures.

You’ll now be able to install software/apps from outside of the Microsoft Store [ADC]
Are you aware you can export you calendar files from ADC [use iCal Files (ics)] that
you can then import to eM Client Calendar [Ask if you don’t know how]

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Hi Russ

Thanks for your reply and instructions. I had previously disabled S Mode when I first got my computer but I re-ran your suggested commands and reloaded ADC but still nothing. Not to worry - I had managed to get a print-out of my dates before I sold my laptop and I have reloaded them all into eM Client. I’ll just write ADC off as a good thing when I did have it working. Really happy with how the functions in eM Client work - especially love the colour coding of individual calendars!

Thanks for your patience and help

domingo 20 septiembre 2020 :: 1409hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Maureen…

Thanks for that, I had noticed that your husband has an installation that works OK.
My version it is the last original genuine available, I still have the file (adc64bit.exe)
if you want to try it I’ll put it on my server for you to download.
I also just checked because I’m puzzeled and don’t like to be beaten, I’d forgotten,
I’m running it in Windows Vista Compatibility mode and as an Administrator - I
wonder if this a solution?

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


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