Calendar Not Syncing Recurring Events from account

Any event added or changed in em-Client with a Recurrence status will not sync. When I immediately remove the recurrence option to none it syncs no problem.
Most of my events re-occur so this is a big problem and makes the application pointless.

I also tried this on three different PCs (all Windows 10) from 2 different locations/networks and the same issue exists. Currently Version 7.0.27943.0

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We’re sorry for the inconvenience, please contact me at with a link to this thread for resolving the issue.

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Did you resolve this?  I have a recurring event that was sent to me by someone who uses outlook at their company, and it will not sync with my calendar.  All my other events sync (including other recurring events).  Is there anything you found that I can try?  Thanks!

Never mind…solved it.  Just needed to edit the occurrences that were today and after…tweaking the reminder time was enough to get the sync working.