Calendar not accepting events, not syncing -help please!

When I add an event to Calendar, it shows briefly for a second or two, then disappears.  This problem started a few days ago but has been intermittent. However, even when it IS working, the the events are are not syncíng to my iPhone and iPad and Outlook calendars, as they were before. Any ideas? 

Hello Tony,
what mail account does this happen on? Who is the mail provider?
Are there any error messages when you try to create/synchronize events? Check the Menu>Tools>Operations window.
Are you running the latest version of eM Client? Please check the Menu>Help>About section for full version number and copy it here.

Hi Tony,

I wanted to add to this thread that I have the same initial problem (not the syncing one) but found the issue AND the solution for it!

If you have multiple calendars on the right hand side, please make sure you have selected the one where you want the appointment to appear in! I found that I had selected the “Holiday” one and (of course) I am not permitted to put meetings in there.

As soon as you select the right Calendar, and then add the meeting, you will find your meetings will “stick”.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for these posts.  I’ve solved the problem with the help of a former colleague and all is working again.  Not sure how we got it fixed, but all is now well.  Thanks!