Calendar no longer working corrrectly - neither invitations nor sync with Google

For the last couple of weeks, I have a couple of problems with Calendar:
(1) I have no longer been able to accept or decline calendar invitations that I receive by email. The accept/decline buttons are simply not there any more.
(2) the automatic sync refresh with google calendar is no longer working. There are entries I made last week on my phone directly into google calendar, and they are still not showing up on my emClient on my laptop.

Previously both of these things worked perfectly for me before this last couple fo weeks.

I am using emClient version 7.2.34959.0 having subscribed to EmClient Pro with Lifetime upgrades.

I am wondering why you have not updated to version 8?

Thank you so much - I have updated to the latest version of 8 and this has solved most of it. The calendar sync now works. The buttons have reappeared in emailed calendar invitations but they don’t actually work. For example I can now see the Accept button, and click on it, but when I then go into Calendar, the initation is not accepted. I have to then right click on the calendar item and Accept there.

Any help welcomed??

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If you receive Google Calendar email invitations they also have a “Yes” text near the bottom of the Invitation you can press as well to accept the invitation as well as “Accept”. (See example below).

I personally receive Google Calendar and Microsoft Live Calendar invitations alot using the latest eM Client V8.1.979 for Windows and both work when I click Accept or Yes (as well in Google Calendar).

@rjagar What type of Calendar Invitations are they where the Accept button is not working ?