calendar monthly view only shows one appointment per day

Calendar monthly view only shows one appointment per day even if more than one entered. Shows correctly on weekly/daily views - also monthly only prints one per day.

Can you please post here a screenshot?

Calendar weekly view (capture 2) shows two appointments on June 5 and June 8. Monthly view (capture1) only shows one. Many thanks for your help.

Isn’t there a small ‘chevron’ pointing down on the monthly view (5 & 8)

Yes there is, but if you click on it it takes you to a day view of the next appointment or, in some cases, a blank screen (please see attached capture 3 and 4). However what I am wanting to do is print out my monthly calendar with all appointments in view as you can do in outlook.

Another strange thing, if you look at capture 1 you see an appointment at 2pm on 9th. If you look at weekly capture its not there. If you go to day view (no capture) and scroll up/down there are no appointments shown at all.


Weird indeed. But means I will have to revert to Outlook unfortunately. Could it be anything to do with my computer being 64bit? Could I save emails and appointments then reinstall to see if that overcomes the problem? In fact SHOULD the calendar show all appointments in monthly view?

What version of eM Client are you using? There was a bug which caused disappearing of events in week view exactly like in the screenshots you post here, but it has been already fixed.
It does not have anything with your OS. Please download the latest version of eM Client from here:… and let me know if it helps. Re-installation has no effect on your data so you do not need to save your emails and appointments.
In fact, monthly view simply cannot show all the appointments because the window size is limited, but we made a significant change in Month view layout so you can expect this improvement in one of the next versions.

I downloaded and tried a repair but it kept giving ‘network errror’ so I removed and reinstalled. It retained all emails but lost all appointments. I suspect this suggests there was something wrong/corrupt about the calendar data. Is it an ics file? If so I cant find one.

Did you remove the database folder? If so, you lost the events forever …