Calendar Month view starting with current week

I previously used Outlook and had my “View” set to Month which would always begin with the week that we are currently in. Em Client, on the other hand, begins the monthly view with the first week of the current month. Since I rarely look at Calendar items prior to today, but I do like to review what events are occurring over the coming 4 weeks, is it possible to create a Calendar View that displays the next 4 weeks rather than the weeks of the current month?? While I can get most of this information from what is showing as part of my Agenda in the right-hand panel, I find it useful to see this information in the context of where it fits within the days of the next several weeks in the Calendar.

That is the system we use as well.

Unfortunately it was broken in 9.1.2109, but was corrected and will be like that again in the next release.

That is great news!! Thanks!!!