Calendar Missing

My calendar has disappeared from eM Client. How do I get it back? It no longer shows in the left column, local folders or anywhere else. The agenda for the calendar still appears in the sidebar.


Right click on mail and check “Calendar” does not help? Calendar should not be visible in Local Folders.


I did not try that because I did not know to look there. I had backed up eM Client data a few days before so I used the restore and that brought the calendar back. If it happens again I will know where to go to fix it. Thank you for your quick response.


thank you for your update on your issue, I am glad that it works now and as you have written by yourself contact us again when this (or another) issue will happen again :slight_smile:

best regards

My calendar tab no longer appears just like user shows above. How can I show it again? I have latest version of eM

Did the solution above, provided by John Galis. not work for you?

Right click on Mail in the left hand column and put a check mark in Calendar. It works for me.


Yes it worked thanks

Marked as solved.