Calendar: meeting maker; Description (Automated Note)

First off I have been a faithful Outlook user until I found eMClient. No where near as chunky as the MS client and in most ways just as useful and functional in my opinion.

Issue: When I open a meeting maker in the calendar, I fill in the required information to set the appointment. However, when I get to the “description” area of the event, I have to manually type a statement our company requires us to show in this field. Is there a place in settings to drop this message in so that all future meeting makers will present this statement so I won’t have to type it in manually everytime I create a new meeting or event?
I have looked through settings but have found nothing to address this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What you want is a template function for events, but unfortunately this is not available. You can’t even use the quick texts that you have available for messages.

As a workaround for paragraphs that I regularly type, I use a text expander application. Some of them are quite advanced and can use a keyword or shortcut key to insert formatted paragraphs or even run scripts etc.

Well that might be better than nothing at all… what expander program do you recommend?

You can look at a few options here:

I use FastKeys, but PhraseExpress is really good software.