Calendar is no longer syncing.

It did up until a few days ago…Can you help? Have been using calendar via ICLOUD with no problem. Example: last week I added a Dr’s appt which shows on my IPhone & ICloud calendars. It does not show up on my eM Client calendar.


as an iPhone user sometimes I don’t choose right email account in new event creation.
When are you creating new event please make sure that you are using right account under “Caledar” option in Add event.

please inform us if this solved your problem.

with regards

I have eM set to pull in ALL of my calendars. I have a GMAIL & my calendar through my domain.

It was working…why has it stopped? I just added an event via my eM calendar but it is not showing up on my IPhone.OR on the calendar on ICloud.

Any suggestions?

Any news as to why this stopped working?


There were no changes in eM Client in this matter in past few days, anyway please try this new version… and let me know if it works in it.