Calendar invites don't get sent out in EM Client, but will go out from Google Calendar web app

When I create calendar events in EM Client and invite attendees, invites typically don’t go out, however, they go out if I create the event in the Google Calendar web app. This isn’t the case every time, about 1 in every 3 or 4 times it will send the invites if I add the event in EM Client. There seems to be some communication issue between EM Client and Google Calendar.

Invitees are receiving the calendar events in their calendar (as tentative), but they are not receiving the invite emails.

Anyone have any ideas?

As it’s an intermittent sync problem, could be due to possibly some local program installed interfering with eM Client.

So if you have any optional Antivirus programs, optional Firewall / Security programs or VPNs etc try disabling those completely to test.

Thanks for the response. For an unrelated software issue, I was forced to reinstall my system on Friday and since I’ve been up and running today, the invites have been going out as expected. It’s possible that there was some setting in the Windows Firewall (I don’t have a 3rd party Antivirus or use a VPN) that may have been causing the issue. If that was the case, I’m hoping it won’t happen again (I’ve never changed the default settings in Windows Firewall, so any changes that may have been causing the issue with EM Client, would have been done automatically by Windows).