Calendar invite not showing description in email


when I schedule a calendar meeting with my custom mail I use the description box to add additional information and meeting access for group calls.

I am working with Version 7.2.34062.0

That’s the Calendar that I created:

This is the E-Mail that I receive (No description or Attachment send):

Note: The difference in dates is because I used the first one as an example.

Hi René,
Unfortunately, we did not support attachments on Google Calendar due to lack of API from Google. Since the invitations are also sent by Google they don’t contain the attachments. Eventually a re-synchronization may wipe them even from the organizer’s local calendar cache. As Google recently introduced API for calendar attachments stored on Google Drive, so we may eventually support that in one of the future releases.


Hello Russel, this invitation went to Gmail as a test. It’s not an integration. It was send to Gmail from em client desktop device. And it is a overall issue that has been reported from several clients and different devices (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.). The description is never send in invitations to my clients.