Calendar Invite E-mails Confirmations

I’m sure there is a way to do this, but I cannot figure it out. When I create a calendar event and add an invitee, how do I get an e-mail confirmation of the invitee’s response? Thanks

Yes there is. After you have sent the invite, and the attendee confirms their status, you will get a reply by email that looks like this:

The event in your calendar will also be automatically updated with the attendee’s status.

That is precisely what I expected, but I do not seem to be getting the confirmation emails. Is there a way to check the email to which the confirmatiosn are being sent?

As far as I know it will be sent to the default account if it is a Local Folders calendar. If it is an online calendar, it will be sent to the email address associated with that calendar regardless of which account is set as default.

If you want to test this, invite me to an event. My address is