Calendar Indication for Free/Tentative/Busy (Google Calendar)

I am missing an indication in the calendar view that shows whether I am busy/free/… for a calendar item, similar as in other tools like Outlook or MS Calendar.

I often add blockers to my calendar, where I am basically free to schedule. Myself being unaware that one blocker is set to “busy”, other people that try to schedule with me will complain that I am constantly busy.

Another scenario is when people try to schedule with me using tools like Calendly. Calendly allows external people to schedule via website, but will also show no available slots, when I am unaware of blockers set to “busy”.

With eM Client and most other calendars, the free/busy information is only used with shared calendars. It is not displayed in the owner’s calendar.

If you mark the event as private, or share only free/busy information, in the shared calendar the time block will be displayed as free or busy rather than show the event details.

That’s a pitty. I use Google Calendar and share it to others. This means right now evreybody can see whether I’m busy or not, despite myself. :frowning:

Uh, no. You can see your own events so you can see if you are busy. Like in your screen-shot, you can see your events. You can see you have daily admin after lunch, so you know you are busy.

Basically all the free/busy option does is hide the details of private events from those who do not have full access to your calendar. All they will see is that you are busy. They won’t know what you are doing.

Yes, I know I can see my free/busy indication for my events and I know how visibility/free/busy works for externals. I’ll try to rephrase my problem statement.

I need a quick overview of my free/busy status for the whole week. The week is usually planned out with events where I’m truly busy (meetings) and events where I just use a blocker for planning reasons.

I have many externals (people + applications via api) scheduling with me and for some blockers I want them to be able to schedule with me. To verify that all events of the week are set correctly, I need to be able to get a quick overview of the intervalls where i’m free or busy (like in Outlook, MS Cal, Google Cal, …). It does not work for me to check each blocker individually, since that takes too much time.