calendar in new window

I’d love to be able to open the calendar in a separate window so I can see the calendar and the Inbox at the same time. I know there’s the agenda sidebar view, but being able to see a full calendar view in a separate window as the mail view is very valuable. I used to do this in Outlook all the time.

Hi Kendra, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately this feature is currently not planned. However we’ll keep your thoughts in mind for future releases.


Hi Paul,
Is this feature planned now? I work with 2 display and it’s really nice to have the mail on one and the agenda on the other in order to plan appointments.
Thanks to think at this feature.

If your calendar is online, and the Agenda Sidebar does not work for you, you could open the calendar in another application on the second display. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s what I already do but it would be more convenient to have the eM’s calendar (I find it more clear than other).

This is the problem with eM Client; it looks so damn nice.

Unfortunately there is no indication that separate windows will be a feature, and it is not there in the upcoming 7.2.

If you have Windows 10, you can also eg: configure the built in Windows 10 Calendar with say a Gmail , Live account etc to then have the Win 10 Calendar standalone program in another window. I do that my 2 screens.

I had problems to sync well Windows Calendar and Google Agendas… But it was when I add a lot of new agendas in Google… so maybe it works better now…