Calendar in its own separate window

I’d love to have the calendar in its own separate window. Therefore, I could keep one window open for the calendar, and one for email.

On a widescreen monitor or a multi-monitor setup, having both the calendar and email viewable at the same time would be a real productivity boost.

On a smaller screen, switching between the calendar and email windows using a keyboard shortcut, accelerator key, or hotkey would be ideal.

Even better – how about giving each major “section” of eM Client the option of being opened in its own window, like Outlook does? Therefore, I could have separate windows for Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts.


Short Idea: Would it be an easy solution if you’ld be able to open another instance of eM Client?


Unfortunately this is not being planned in the foreseeable future.

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I would vote for this !!
I also think it boosts productivity by seeing what “my day” is in one glimpse of all the different windows. Emails, Calendar, tasks (to do list).

There is an ‘idea’ topic/thread in this forum suggesting to make tab pages for e-mails, calendar, tasks et cetera.

Once we have tab pages, it might be possible (or more easy to implement) to undock those tab pages and to show them on separate monitors.

The more votes we get for that topic, the higher the chance that it will be implemented.…

Yes, tabbed view could make this easier or even make separate windows unnecessary.
To be honest I myself hope that my superiors will decide to implement this.


I would also vote for this.

It 's actually a must for me and my coworkers,  if we are going to switch from Outlook to eM. It would make planning easier and fast to coworker’s plans.

So untill the, i use eM privatly.

Hi, unfortunately this feature is still not planned to be implemented, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding, I hope you can manage to use the current settings at least for private use,

Hello. Is it possible to have the shared calendar in each tab, like in Outlook?

Here are en example of 5 shared calendar on 1 day. As you can see it is easyer to see the is “laserprint” have any spare time.

Is this, or will this be possible with eM client?

Hi Birger, this is unfortunately not possible with eM Client, eM client is currently a single window application.
Hope you can manage to use this setting…

Thank you for understanding,

I vote for this idea. I frequently need to see email and calendar side by side.


Hi Richard, thank you for your feedback regarding this requested feature, we’re still considering adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.


That would be great. I also miss that from my Outlook experience. I had Contacts, Calendar, and Email all in separate windows in order to quickly interact without having to open and close windows to switch form one task to next…