calendar .ics attachments are being added to the calendar 5 hours behind since update to version 7.

Yesterday we received a message that a new version of em client was available. We updated however after the update we have a couple problems. First it basically installed a new version and did not keep any of our settings from the previous version. We had to redo all of our email templates and signatures, calendar categories and other settings. That was a lot of additional time that should not have been needed. However the main problem is that we receive a lot of .ics attachments that we open and add to the calendar. They already have preset info added for events dtae, time, etc. We never had any issues with previous versions and all info was added to the calendar correctly. After the update it is adding all the .ics attachment events 5 hours behind. So if we open an event and it shows 4pm-6pm and then save it. It shows on the calendar as 11am-1pm. Please help as this is one of the most important things we use and now we have to go in manually to the calendar after saving the events from the ics attachments and drag them to the correct time.