Calendar Favourites

I have 44 different calendars. Each time I click by mistake on a calendar name instead of the selector all get deselected but the one clicked.
Could you please add to the top of the calendar-folders view a ‘Favorites-Button’ possibility, so that the preferred ones will be automatically selected with one click (f.e. Work/Family/Others):
I think of a title and then a list of all calendars to be chosen from. This would be a huge help!

There is a similar request back from 2013 (not planned).

See @Gary post below from the following thread on that subject.

Thanks for that. This ticks all calendars, helps a bit, but not excatly what I wanted, because it also enables the hidden calendars…
I found out, that when I do something with the claendars, I need to keep the Ctrl-Key pressed so the ‘aside’-deselect all has no effect.
Still: “Calendar Favourites” would be a great benefit

Created a sleek for this in