Calendar events missing after free license activation

Hi everyone,
As the title says, I just activated my free license, and my calendar is now empty. Everything else is ok, emails etc are ok. Has anyone experienced this ?

How many accounts do you have setup in eM Client?

Just one!

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Is the calendar synced with an online provider, so associated with your email account, or is it the local calendar that is missing?

Sorry for late reply.
Not sure I understand the question, sorry.
I installed eM, configured it for my Rogers email. Then after the trial date it requested a license, so I got the free one and entered the # in the options menu. Just to be clear, the calendar is there and usable, but nothing I had entered before the new license is there anymore.

If you open the web interface for Rogers, can you see all events that are missing in eM Client?

No it’s also empty. But I doubt it was ever synked. At least I never purpousefully synked it.

Have you tried to search for the missing events?

Can you see the Local Folders calendar? What happens when you click on it?


“Calendar” is not on the list. And all other folders under ‘local’ are empty.

If you had calendars synced from three accounts, and activated a Free license, one of the accounts will have been disabled, and it’s calendar hidden. But you would still be able to see it in the web interface for that provider.

But activating a Free license will not remove local calendars.

Did you maybe delete the database and setup eM Client again? Or maybe you changed the database location? Or deleted the calendar?

Have you tried to search for one of the missing events as I previously asked?