Calendar events dismissed on one PC still showing on other PCs

I have three PCs. Home office, office, and laptop. eM Client pro on all three connecting to SmarterMail.

When I dismiss a calendar event on one, it doesn’t sync to the other clients. Is there a setting or fix for this?

If the event is saved in the Smartermail calendar, then the change should sync. But as it isn’t, can you open a support ticket with us please, and we can look at some logs to see why it is not happening.

To do that use Menu > Help > Get VIP Support.

When I get to the support page, it’s asking me to sign in. I don’t have an account on your site, nor do I see a way to set one up.

My pro license was included from SmarterTools when I purchased SmarterMail Enterprise…

Contact me on [email protected] with the email address you license is registered to.

The email has been sent…