Calendar Event Time Entry

I wanted to create an appointment that was only going to be for 10 min.  I tried several times to enter a starting time and ending time, but the event times changed whenever I made an entry.  It seems that it only does this for 20 min or below difference in time entry.  I looked in settings to see if there was an adjustment for this, but found nothing.  Has anyone else run into this issue, and if so, is it hardwired into the program, or am I missing an adjustment somewhere?

Hi Peter,

You should be able to make an appointment lasting only 10 minutes.

I do agree that eM Client is not always convenient when entering start- and end times for appointments, because eM Client automatically changes the start time or end time sometimes.

Which version of eM Client do you have?

I am now able to correctly make a calendar entry without any issues.  To answer you question, I am running the latest version 6 of EM client.  I was going crazy not being able to set an appointment.  I knew I never had an issue before, so I started to backtrack anything that I may have changed.  Low and behold, the problem was with the theme I changed to.  I switched back to the classic theme and now everything works perfectly.  The culprit was the Bordeaux EmClient theme.  Thank you for the response.



Hi Peter,

I’m glad you managed to find out yourself how to enter an appointment of 10 minutes.

If the theme is really an issue, then I think the team of eM Client needs to have a look at it. Although I would expect that themes only have influence on the user interface look.