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One of my favorite features of a calendar is the ability to do a reply all email from an event/meeting. I mostly use it to send out my meeting notes after the meeting to everyone that was in the meeting. Google calendar has this ability (although it’s not a great implementation) - open the event details, look at the guest list, and click the ‘email guests’. The result is an email form with all the guests in the to field and the meeting name in the subject. Very useful!

I can’t seem to find a way to do this in eM Client and it’s the last thing I need to convince me to fully switch to eM Client. Is this possible and I’m just missing it? If not, can we get this on the to-do list?!


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Calendar event-reply all is not planned, but I can put it into requested feature and if enough people will request this then we will consider implementing it.

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Sounds great. Should I follow up with anything to help push it through?


we consider in our meetings features requested by high numbers of users, so until people will +1 this feature it will be only under consideration.

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This is a very important feature, would really like a solution, even if it meant being able to easily grab the email addr’s…

This is a needed feature… I used it all the time (Outlook client) and now am disappointed that em Client can’t do it… I hope that enough folks request so that it will be implemented in a future release… Thanks.

Hi Robert, Hi Rick, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this feature for future releases of eM Client.

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Adding my comment on this feature request. Reply all would be a nice enhancement that gmail doesn’t have.

What’s interesting is the EM client doesn’t even let you email calendar attendees directly from the event. Note that gmail does indeed let you do this, if you mouse over the attendees it provides a hyperlink that allows you to spawn an email.

My point on this post as well is, if I have to load the web client to access functionality that’s not in EM Client, then it erodes the value proposition of EM Client, or worst causes me to do a screen level integration.

So even without reply all, how about just email attendee? And if you can do email attendee, then seems a logical extension to email all attendees (reply all).

Love this client BTW - these are the 2 niggling issues (my other post) that are stopping me from just buying 2 copies of the pro with lifetime.



As suggested earlier, we’d like to add this feature into future releases of eM Client.



Hoping this enhancement will come back into consideration - this is critical and makes it so eM client can’t be my primary client. Everything from sending reminders, distributing notes, requesting a schedule change… the only way I see to do it is to create an email and hand enter the addresses? For such a well designed alternative to Outlook this seems like a glaring omission.

At a minimum, if you open the invite, you should be able to email members on the list manually - their picture is there, why can’t I just click to email?

How do I “+1” it - this would be great!

Even, how do I select the email addresses on the invite? That seems like a workable next step, instead of manually retyping them all.


+1 - really need this

+1.  Requested four years ago, though!!

Agreed here.  Switching from Outlook to Gmail at new employer and loss of this for meetings that I need to send meeting minutes to the entire group, makes EM not usable for work.  Imagine having 10-25 people on a weekly call and you can’t simply (like outlook) reply all (with ability to make an attachment) to send the agenda or minutes of the meeting out.  This is a daily occurrence that really slows me down.  Bummer!

Is this on the list yet??

This idea is marked as under consideration but that does not mean that it will be included. Unfortunately there is no indication of what features will be changed in upcoming versions until they are. So just a case of wait and see. :frowning:

In that case, perhaps you can indicate how we would address this?
Are you suggesting that we open an email window and then copying and pasting all the email addresses into the email?