Calendar entry accidently deleted

I just accidently deleted a Calendar event in which I had stored a lot of notes. How can I get it back?

There is nothing in the “Deleted Items” folder. Nor the general mail Trash folder.

Is there someplace else this could be hiding?  Is there a setting I’m missing to make deleted calendar entries go into the Deleted items folder?

In the version 8 beta, there is an undo feature that is visible for a few seconds:


but after that unfortunately it will be lost as there is no trash folder for events. But you may be able to restore them from your most recent backup.

Because restoring the backup may delete any new data, you will first need to make a new backup (call it backup1), then disconnect from the Intenet and restore the previous backup. Find the items you deleted and export them (Save As). Restore backup1 so you are back to where you were a few minutes back, reconnect to the Internet, and then import the items you lost.

Does that make sense?

Thanks Gary. Yes, it makes sense.

The 8 Beta feature is at least something but I’m not sure why calendar entries are handled differently from standard email trash folders.

Yes, calendars, contacts and tasks. None of them are moved to Trash in eM Client.

With some providers you can recover deleted items using their web interface. Google Contacts allows you to roll back, so that can be helpful.


Not sure if Google Calendar or your provider will.