Calendar entries in eM Client 6 out by an hour

I have added 6 calendar entries (via eM Client) to Google Calendar since upgrading to emClient 6.

All of them are out by an hour. See attached screenshot - the problematic entries are marked in red (only 3 of them - the other 3 were on a different day).

Both Google Calendar and my local machine are set to UTC+10 (Sydney).

Note that all (previously created) calendar entries are perfectly fine. I believe this has happened only since the eM Client 6 upgrade - I can’t find the same issue with any older calendar entries.

The screenshot:

After further investigation, I have identified that meetings booked in 2013 are fine (tested up to 31/12). Meetings booked in 2014 are broken.

See this screenshot (both booked for 6pm in eM Client):

Still not fixed in V6.0.19714.0

Any update on this issue?

Hi, we know about this issue and we are trying to find solution to it as fast as possible.


Thanks John.

you are welcome.

Any updates John?

Jane…there is a version offering a fix for this. Received a link from John today by email. Seems to work, but I had to go through and adjust many of the appointments I made while it was faulty. I’m presuming that if you install the latest version from the download page, it will have this fix, but I can’t be sure.

This seems similar to my issue - how is the update available?

you have to contact me on, join this topic’s link in the email’s subject. I will send you version scheduled to be next patch but not released yet (should be next week, but I cant confirm).


thanks Jan, that has worked

for the information of others - any events already created with the one hour glitch will still have to be edited to the correct time after this patch is applied - all events created hereafter seem to work fine

thanks for solving the problem, it was quite worrying there for a bit
I appreciate the speed with which yu responded to my email contact

thank you for sharing information about your solution to users.


Has this fix been released? I am on v6.0.19714.0 and still have the problem. Thanks.

yes, for users on southern hemisphere it has been solved. If you contact me on I will send you updated version, or you can wait for next patch release.


no work yet

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calendar events 1 hour out - just hapened.

I’m finding events in Google calendar are now appearing eM one hour earlier that set in Google (whether on my phone or by web). I’m in Sydney Australia, where it’s currently on Summer Time (1 hour difference) - could this be the problem?.

Hi, this issue was solved successfully months ago, you are most likely experiencing different kind of issue.

Could you go to tools - settings - advanced, check GData under your account, apply and restart eM Client.
Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that use “send logs…” to together with this topic’s URL in subject.

Then you can turn logging off.


This is not fixed for me. I have only just installed EMClient on a new PC, and the problem remains.