Calendar entries disappeared

Recently I lost all past and future entries in my calendar. I can add new entries, but when trying to add a tag eM Client crashes. I get the following message:
[AirSync]Error in client/server conversion.

Logging on to hotmail shows all of my calendar entries.

There is no problem sending and receiving mails or adding and tagging tasks.

Maybe try removing and re-adding the “AirSync” in “Menu / Accounts / General” tab as per screenshot checkbox below.

Failing suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and "Remove and “Re-add” your account.

Hi, tx for the tip. eM Client no longer crashes when I try to tag a diary entry. Also my phone Outlook diary is in sync with eM Client. However I still get the airsync error message !! I think I’ll have to live with it.
Tx again