Calendar displays big white screen with red cross

Good day.

I have just begun using eM Client, I’m very enthusiastic about it. I have been able to resolve most issues easily except for one:

After using the calendar for a minute or so, I get the following screen when clicking on one of the display options at the top. As you can see, the items are still “there” but I get an overlay that hides the whole calendar from sight.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

More info I should have included:

The screen persists no matter what I click, except the ‘Agenda’ view, which seems to work fine. Emails and such show up fine, too.

The problem is temporarily fixed when I restart the program, but reappears after using the calendar for a minute.

Tried changing the theme, didn’t help.

Hello. This happens when the application crashes during “painting” the calendar control. In order to fix it, we will need some more info from you. I´m writing a personal messsage where I will try to help you with the issue.

Grand. Thank you for your time!

I saw this once before. Do you have an accounting application open?
If you do, close it completely then restart eM Client.

Is there any difference?

Ah, now I remember. It was MS Money causing such paint issues in other applications. But this will be a different case, because it happens in calendar only

I closed Teams, Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and Greenshot. That’s all the non-essentials.
The problem persists.

A month later, the problem either solved itself or was fixed in an update.

Either way, thank you for your time.