Calendar display incorrect

It is November 27th, the calendar is set to monthly display. If I now switch to the calendar view via the icon at the bottom left, I will see the month of December (should actually be November). If I press the small “Month back” button on the top left to come back a month, I will see October (not November…). Now, when I press the little button “Month before”, I have finally arrived at November, oh ever :frowning:.
If the calendar view is set to “monthly”, the current month should be displayed when you switch to Calendar view.

No, it’s December 4th.

It is. If it is December 4th, then it displays December.

@Gary: I published this post on the 27th of november but it was on hold until today, only the administrators of this forum will know why (probably because of a new forum user restriction) :slight_smile:. Now it’s working as expected (with the latest setup published this week).

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You will also notice that 8.1 has a new setting related to this. You can specify that the calendar opens to Today. That means that the current week is always the top line of your calendar when you enter it.

I just noticed that the navigation in the calendar module is unfortunately still a bit faulty, for example:

  • Go to the calendar with the previously set month view (December is displayed).

  • Switch to weekly view (30 November - 6 December is displayed)

  • Switch back to month view now, result: November 2nd to December 6th is displayed (but now December should be displayed)

@Gary: Setting the check mark doesn’t make it any better… .Thanks a lot for the fast response :-).

Yes, I just tested and can confirm that. This is an old behavior where, for some reason, the current week ended up on the bottom line. Which doesn’t make any sense at all because usually we want to see the month ahead, not the month behind.

Also, as you noticed, this new Today option in Settings only applies when you enter the calendar, not when you change views. Also a bit daft.

If you have a Pro License, please report this by opening a support ticket directly with eM Client.

I have a Pro license, but I’m not sure it’s worth bothering the support with it. I see this more as a small “hiccup” in the operating logic :wink:.

I don’t think it’s bothering them and they are happy to receive these kinds of reports. They might not have an immediate fix, but they will pass it on to the developers.