Calendar deletes appointments

if I set up a new appointment in the calendar it disappears within 2 seconds. No error message, it’s just missing. If I create an appointment f.e. with my Smartphone and sync it, everything is fine and the appointment gets saved.
EM Client 6.0.24928.0
Thank’s for Your help!

Hello Harald,
what account does this issue happen on?


Hallo Olivia,
sorry for the late reply  :-(   and thanks for answering.
Which account do You mean by “what account”?  The according mailadress?
Best regards

Hello Harald,
yes, what mail address is it (gmail/outlook/iCloud/other?) and ideally what protocol does it use.

Olivia, I don’t know which protocol.

Good morning from Germany,
I could solve the problem  ;-) I found the “Repair-Button”, used it and now it seems to work.
Thanks forYour help!

Hello Harald,
thank you for letting us know that your issue has been solved.


I am experiencing this same issue. I create a new appointment in my calendar on eM (using Gmail account), and it deletes within a second of saving. It does not ever appear at my gmail calendar.

Did you try the repair as suggested above (right-click on the calendar, click on properties and repair)?

I did. The repair removed the local cache and resynchronized the calendar. The problem persisted after.

My only other suggestion is to remove the offending Gmail account and set it up again.

Before You do so, take a look, how many calendars You have chosen. My expirience is, that eM deletes the new appointment, if there is chosen more then one calendar.

That seems to resolve the issue. I will monitor and let you know if it reverts. Thank you!