Calendar & Contacts lost

Few days ago my tabs Calendar & Contacs shows just a white page, with a text that there isn’t info or no editing possible.

Tried this to solve:

  • checked options several times with no result
  • did run install file again opted for repair with no result
    The calendar shows up in the widget bar with appointments, thats OK
    I can use the contacts by typing the first letters of their email adress, trhats OK also.

Any tips or tricks anyone?
Btw I’m a new user of emclient, used it before, but that was 7-8 years ago.
edit: tried re-activating the software with no result…

Go to Menu > Settings > General and tick Show Local Folders. Now go back to the Calendar or Contacts section of eM Client.

Is there any difference?

Hi Gary, thanks a lot…
I came back to the forum that i found the solution via the forum…
Same answer as yours now.
Pfff, i feel a bit (??) dumb now… :sweat:

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