calendar color change doesn't stick v6.0.20617.0

right click calendar go to properties change calendar color and change occurs but reverts in a few seconds

Hi, what mail service are you using? 
Is this possibly a hotmail or an account?

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I’m using gmail IMAP

Hi, can you please update your client to this version of eM Client and check if the issue persists?
I have tried to replicate the issue with this version and I was unsuccessful.

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thanks for your help.  I updated eM Client to 20478 and the font color change of my calendars still only lasts a few seconds.

Can you please right click the calendar folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the “Repair button” if that helps the issue? Is this a shared calendar folder or are you an owner of this calendar?

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That didn’t help.  I am the owner of this calendar

Can you please send me an email to with a reference link to this forum topic?

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New info on this problem.

Same symptoms, also gmail/IMAP on a calendar I own.  eM Client 6.0.22344

Test 1: Change calendar color in eM Client - reverts in a few seconds

Test 2: Change color in Google calendar web interface

        No change in eM Client, even if I refresh calendar, send/receive all, etc.  BUT

        If I then change the calendar color in eM Client, it reverts in a few seconds to the NEW color specified in the Google web interface.

Conclusion:  eM Client is using the colors specified by Google, but only updates them when you try to change the color locally.

Hello, as far as I know, calendar colour synchronisation is not supported in eM Client, the application doesn’t have the capability to synchronise the calendar colour, calendar colours are local only and won’t be synchronised with your server. I tried to replicate the behaviour you’ve suggested, but the application keeps the setup colour based on it’s local preferences and synchronisation with the server won’t be forcing a new colour to sync, this is unfortunately not supported.


Well, I understand that you failed to replicate it, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  I change the color of one of my calendars in the Google web UI, then change it locally (to any color), and in a second or so it changes to whatever color I chose in the web U.I.   This cannot be a coincidence.

I created a new Google calendar under the existing account, which behaves as you suggest - all color is controlled locally.  But my existing/older calendars get their color from Google and ignore local settings.  Any chance this is part of your ongoing struggle to get OAuth to work correctly?  I still get multiple Google login screens daily.

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the alpha release is not a finished product. Please don’t discuss it on the forum.
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