Calendar changes after clicking Apply

Whether you make a change or not the calendar changes Months.
It does not stay with the current month.

Go to Settings - Calendar - General - if you click on “Apply” even without making any changes the Month will change.

unfortunately I cannot replicate your issue. Can you tell me more about your situation?
What version of eM Client are you currently running?
What email account/calendar account does this happen on?
The date looks like it changed to a work week view, does the view actually change or is the calendar still on the same page?


When you are in the month of December and you click on lets say the 15th.
Then you go to settings and click on Apply after making a change or not it will change to where to calendar starts.

The view actually changes.
Once I fix it it remains as it should be . Full month view.

eM Client Version 6.0.24144.0
I only have the one email account

Thanks for your help

thank you for the additional details, I replicated the issue now and forwarded the information to our developers.
I’ll inform you about the progress on this problem.


Thanks and good.

I will wait for a progress report.