Calendar Category Labels

I know you think you have all the possible category labels available, but one of the great things about Outlook is the ability to create your own and choose the corresponding color. I would really like EMClient to add this as a feature as I am switching away from Outlook.

Hello nice folks at eM Client!

I have been looking for an email client and I am soooo impressed with eM Client :slight_smile:

I spend a lot of time at the computer and so the aesthetics and a programs interface are factors that are very important to me. And I would imagine for many others too. In this regard, eM Client has obviously engaged some awesomely great designers. I hope you keep them! It’s a truly beautiful program.

And in these challenging economic times ( for many, not all ), it is wonderful that you offer a lifetime license. I, not unlike many others, prefer to own my software. So again, I thank you for that!

My one single complaint, and it seems to me to be such a glaring shortcoming or oversight ( based on the excellence across the board of everything else you have done ) is that you can’t add Custom Category Labels, you can’t define the Colors for them and you can’t remove uneeded ones.

Many of the labels that come with the program I will never ever use as they simply are irellevant to me. And there are many categories that I would like to add that would be of great benefit to me, but of course I am unable to. In this sense, i almost feel that I am being strong armed into categorizing my events based on someone elses point of  view of how things should be categorized. Of course I know that was not what intended, but the fact remains, as things are, there is no flexibility at all.

And so, similar to April’s request above, I appeal to you great folks at eM Client to add in to your todo list for some future update, to add a feature set to eM Client that enables us to create, custom colorize and remove our Calendar Category Labels as required or desired by the paying customer :slight_smile:

Thank you so much and a great year ahead!


Zahari M.

Hello April and Zahari,

This feature already exists in eM Client. You can adjust or create new category labels s in Menu > Tools > Categories.

Thank you for your kind words about eM Client, we are glad that you like it.
With best regards,
Russel Markosky

Hi Russel

Thanks so much for the reply. That is such good news.

Fabulous indeed!!

Have a lovely weekend.