Calendar (caldav - radicale) does not show in emclient

I am trying to add calendars from internal network. I am not able to display the new calendars. There is no error nor warning shown.
The url, user name is ok (it works on my mobile phone) but still no luck.
I have tried to remove the caldav/carddav account.
ReAdd the caldav/carddav account (with the same credentials) and it does not work
I am using the pro version of Em Client.

If the CalDAV URI is incorrect, nothing will be displayed. So that is probably it.

The URI used on a mobile device can be different to what is used in a desktop app, so check with the server admin what you should use.

the uri is correct. There is one calendar that shows on the list (
When I am trying to add it again with different display name (but same other options) it does not appear on the list.