Calendar Caldav permissions

We use a horde groupware server and connect em client via caldav to access our calendars. Some of the calendars are read-only shared calendars.

But the permission settings are ignored by em client:

The user has no write permission but em client does not respect this. I can edit fields in an event but then i get a sync error.

The apple calendar and even the android davdroid-app respect the permission settings correctly. 

Can this get fixed in em client because when a user changes an event in the readonly calendar accidentally the get the sync error and the only way to get rid of the error ist to select “Delete event”. Then the original event is synced from the server but users are scared when the should click on “Delete” to an event they do not own…

Kind regards

Yes, please fix this.

I have experienced a similar issue with other read-only calendars. Spent a significant amount of time creating an event, and did not realize I was creating it in a read-only calendar. Save appeared to have worked, then the event disappeared for good. Only did that a few times before I got into the habit of checking which calendar the event was in.

I guess it is slightly different, but also related directly to the read-only attribute not being respected. Even so, there should be some indication that it is read-only, or simply not allow editing of the event.