Calendar BUGS - Recurring events

Entries made for recurring calendar events for Monday through Friday Do show up in eMClient and Google Calendar correctly, but in ALEXA - ECHO SPOT, the FRIDAY events do not show up and erratically show up on SUNDAYS. Entries made directly in Google Calendar appear correctly.

2017-12-23  using Latest version: 7.1.30794.0

PS: Why does the forum show issues from 5 YEAR AGO - Doesn’t that hint that these issues havent been addressed/fixed or supplanted by updates???

Hi Robert.

Do you have access to another email client that is synced with your Google calendar? If so could you create the same recurring event in that client and see if the problem is still there with Amazon Echo Spot?

The forum displays historical posts so that others may find solutions to any current problems by reading past issues, though it is unlikely that issues with version 5 are still present. Sometimes when the OP is asked a question to clarify, and they do not respond, the thread remains unanswered. Are there any specific posts from 5 years back that you would like answers to?